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The Master, Giuliano Tosi

The Master, Giuliano Tosi has been producing stunning works of art in glass in his studio on the island of Murano, Venice, as boy and man for over 31 years.
Every piece beautifully unique.

Murano and glass. Murano and Toso Borella. Toso Borella and glass.
This may seem like a mathematical formula. But it is not possible to apply it to an art that has no appearance at all of coldness and rationality: glass is the heat of flame, of passion, of willpower.
For centuries we Toso Borella have been mixing our name and our sweat with sands and compounds necessary to obtain glass. Therefore every object that comes out of our furnaces seem to have within itself our vital breath, almost our soul.

It is our tradition that speaks aloud. We Toso Borella are Murano, we Toso Borella are glass.

Due to the competition in Murano and the fact that great works are often copied by lesser artists, we can not display all of master Giuliano Tosi's work on this web site, so please visit the gallery for prices and to see Master Giuliano's stunning art.
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