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Elsie Green

Born in rural Lancashire, Elsie Green left home at 19 to attended Central School (now Central St Martins) in London. After graduation, family and work commitments have competed with art for a number of years; returning to study at Brighton she completed her MA in 2002.
Having exhibited in London, Chichester and in the Brighton Festival, Elsie's studio is now established in Birdham. Having experienced different lifestyles in both city and country, Elsie is fascinated by the sense of belonging yet not belonging; of being part of, yet separate from the world.
Natural environments - such as by the coast - evoke a feeling of peace but though we enter them - and it can feel wonderful - we don't really become a part of nature. So walking beside the sea can be an experience of being separate as well as one of becoming complete.

Elsie considers herself an artist rather than a painter.
By doing much of her work outdoors in response to the world itself, and by using painting which is a very free and expressive medium, Elsie allows her work to include her direct response to nature and the feelings she had when making it. Some of her work is completed in the open air, following the impressionist tradition of recording nature, but the method is different: Elsie terms her outdoor work as a kind of 'mental photograph' and is often waiting for ages for the right subject matter to show up before working intensely to capture it.
Studio work follows a different arc exploring similar themes in a larger format, and drawing on a wider range of imagery; development continues.

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